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How to paint a white eyeliner

How to paint a white eyeliner Contrary to appearances, eyes white with carefully selected clothes and hairstyle to add charm

Despite appearances
eyes white with carefully selected clothes and hairstyle to add to the charm of the hair with painted eyes, so to reinforce best to avoid falling on your face and do not hide and suppress Adjust makeup lipstick so .. how to match clothes but this was not the same color as the clothes. eyes with white paint is not hard, but you have the proper cosmetics. Their list and instructions are listed below.
base Start with the imposition of the face, then apply a primer.
Przypudruj face, you can add a little blush on the cheeks if you use this trick.
Trace around a white eye pencil. Then gently cushion the contours of the imposition of the upper and lower eyelid white eye shadow, use a sponge applicator or brush.
then draw a white eyeliner lower lid and black top.
school eyelash curler eyelashes.
Wytuszuj upper eyelid lash mascara black and white underside. Then comb the lashes that are glued.
rose lip color choice. Way, but brave , fresh fashion colors to emphasize something hidden behind the white face makeup.

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