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How to make buttons with felt

How to make buttons with felt felt very grateful to the material

felt very grateful for the material you can do almost everything and put it almost anywhere I recently had the idea to make buttons, felt, and Im delighted with them can be used almost anywhere, as ornaments for the hair ... , clothes, gifts, handbags and even shoes.
Gather the necessary materials.
of felt, cut two identical circles. Their size depends on how big you want to have the keys.
Connect two circle together and staple around the colorful cotton threads of your choice.
Odrysuj felt circle on paper and cut out paper circles. Mark the location for the hole. They may be four holes, two or even three, if you want. As you like.
Place a circle of felt and make a round hole locations are marked with the turret punch.
here is almost ready button.
yarn dyed felt obszyj each nostril separately, it does not feel hijacked. This
button can be used as an ornament for the hair when doczepisz the eraser.
You can also do more miscellaneous buttons and decorate their own bags.
If you make a bigger button, it will be perfect as a decoration impressive and cool idea for a gift package .

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