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How to prevent wrinkles, of course

How to prevent wrinkles, of course, nobody wants their skin is rippled and grew old

Nobody wants to be his skin rippled and aging, but, unfortunately, wrinkles appear sooner or later, only come with age and in an indiscriminate way to remind us over the years, unfortunately, sometimes not at all .. better. Pine becomes more and more. Depending on the genetic and lifestyle led wrinkles appear at different ages and different strengths. In addition to beauty treatments and cosmetics is also so many other things we can do for our skin and to delay slow the appearance of wrinkles. Make changes in your life and Take control over your wrinkles.
u Avoid the sun. / u Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not your skin. This is one of the main reasons for rapid skin aging and wrinkles. light dry skin, and deprived of adequate moisture, the skin becomes dry and prone to wrinkles. In addition, harmful UV radiation destroys cells ry our ears, which led not only to premature skin aging, and diseases such as cancer or dark patches on the skin. Sometimes the same cream with UV filters is not enough, although its use is mandatory. Limit sun exposure to a minimum.
u quit smoking. / u Smoking is another cause of accelerated skin aging and wrinkles. If you smoke in your body are irreversible biochemical changes that have a large effect on skin condition. chemicals such as nicotine, which is kneaded into a vein cigarettes uncomfortable skin condition that is not enough oxygen. effect? ​​skin becomes pale, thin, anoxia, matte and dry. types of skin wrinkles quickly. In addition, smoking slows the production of collagen in our skin as need to maintain flexibility. In addition, smoking reduces the amount of vitamin C, which is essential to maintain adequate levels of hydration of the skin. What is the conclusion? I take a cigarette in his mouth.
u Drink lots of water. / u Dehydration or inadequate water levels in the body leads to the formation of wrinkles. stations RKI skin needs plenty of water to the skin was healthy, soft, supple and toned. Water is indispensable for the proper absorption of various nutrients. In addition, water plays an active role in removing toxins from the body and toxins are also responsible for the fight. skin contains 90 percent water. When it is missing, the skin shrinks, dries, simply struggling, it becomes dull and unhealthy. recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, every day. Properly hydrated skin is not so rippled quickly, it will be more toned, healthy and shiny.
u limit the acceptance of sugar. / u How to prevent wrinkles and premature aging of skin cukróww Limit eating everyday diet. too much sugar in the blood damages the collagen, which translates in the lower skin elasticity, and thus faster to form wrinkles and other signs of skin aging, already mentioned in previous
mappings. Try to limit your intake of sugar. Try to replace them with natural sugar contained in fruit, for example. Try to avoid it, But if you drank sweetened drinks, put a pinch of cinnamon. cinnamon mixed with sugar to help reduce high blood sugar levels.
u Avoid stress. / u Stress also has a very large share in contributing to wrinkles. As pointed out produce certain hormones, which reduces the muscle tissue and the skin becomes thinner, causing wrinkles. Stress also has many other effects such as insomnia or eating disorders. Easier said than done, but try to avoid stressful situations. To cope with stress, try meditation, exercise relaxation or yoga. good way is a relaxing bath.
u Keep your eyes. / u If you have poor eyesight, often mrużysz eyes, so fast you can expect lines around the eyes. Avoid it. Go to the eye and examine the eye. Specialist will select the appropriate corrective glasses, youll be good to see you squint your eyes. early wrinkles around the eyes appear only when your eyes mrużymy. But after a while they will appear and no squint.
in included in the diet products to reduce wrinkles. / u Every so often turn to green vegetables and fruits. Eat lots of cabbage, broccoli, radishes, turnips, watermelon and avocado. In general, choose foods rich in antioxidants. Do not forget the berries, Green tea, garlic, ginger, beets, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, yogurt, cereals, and dark chocolate.

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