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How to paint the color of clothes, naturally

. How to dye clothes natural pigment turmeric spice is excellent, with strong flavors and intense colors

spice turmeric is excellent, with strong flavors and intense color is not only great for our body, but it is widely used in cosmetics addition, turmeric has strong color, so why not use them ... Maybe at the beginning summer shirts. worth. Bright colors are very trendy.
prepare all the materials. poured cold water into the bowl, just enough to dip into her shirt.
Put the shirt in the water that soaked the whole. then drain the water .
then tie the shirt in a few select places with rubber bands. As much as you want and wherever you want. Let your imagination run wild.
Pour water into large pot. Add it to 3-4 tablespoons turmeric. Put on the stove and bring to a boil. Then turn on the heat and simmer 30 minutes.
After this time, put in the pot pre-prepared t-shirt. Leave T-shirt in the pot for an hour - could be longer -. every 10-15 minutes in water move the T-shirt with a wooden spoon - a spoon or colored, so use an old spoon -. This allows the color of turmeric better and harder to catch jersey
color shirt is satisfactory, remove from pot and rinse under cold running water until the water dripping from the shirt will be yellow.
Remove the rubber band from jersey and hang it to dry.
Voila, super beautiful, eco-dyed T-shirt is ready.

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