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How to make sugar body scrub

How Sugar Body Then peel the skin will be nourished, supple and very smooth

Then peel the skin will be nourished, supple and incredibly smooth You will not be able to stop the blow -. Although it sounded sugar perfectly smooth skin, remove dead skin and moisturize and oil and honey to feed later .. Counterfeits are sold at various auctions, and usually imported from Turkey or Greece. So, how to identify fakes?
u logo / u
Start All-Star logo, which should be over the heel and / or the language of the shoe. In addition, make a round logo All-Star sneakers are located in high talk around the ankle. Also in the middle of the shoe should be written in the talk. All logos should be clear, crisp and clean, not faded or blurry. Furthermore, although this May seem obvious, make sure the name is spelled everywhere and brands are the appropriate pattern. For example, the classic, high Converse sneakers have a round logo with the words Converse All Star, and the clear star Chuck Taylor signature. . If there is an element This means that the false
u logo on the tongue of shoes / u
logo should be clear - see the picture with him -.
u packaging and tags / u
Make sure the shoes are packed with original box and wrapped in paper Converse logo and star. If shoes do not have a box or frame looks quite different - it is not a standard logo of the brand it may mean that they are false. Original Converse shoes also must have a label - see picture -.
u Paper / u Real
Converse wrapped in paper with the logo - see picture -.
u stitching and color of the material and tires / u Real
Converse will have a safe and secure seams where needed. The lines on the tires should be simple and clear. Offal can not only be beautiful or bound to have uneven stitching as well as vague and uneven lines painted on the chewing.
u Sole / u
Converse is the only real thick, rubber with a visible bays on the sides of the thread.
u shoe insole / u Converse Original
are very comfortable and great interest for them to feel. In addition, the implant should be visible and distinct logo. The color may be pale and dull characters.

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