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Fashion Hairstyles 2012 short hair

Fashion Hairstyles 2012

Just because you have short hair, does not mean you can not look in fashion this season, you can choose from a range of styles that will change your look and attract a view among the styling, each presented something. For yourself. Remember however, because I did not choose a hairstyle for the latest trends, but that if it fits your face shape and fits with your style. invite you to read.
u new face of punk / u
punk haircuts in style this year, especially in fashion. you shave your head high, creating a sort of Mohawk podgolić or just a bit from the bottom, cover it with a layer of slightly longer hair. Asymmetry is also very stylish. short shaved head with one hand, together with a long second half and long asymmetric Fringe, it is also very feminine and energetic. Before you decide to shave your head, make sure it will fit into your rysó in. In this hairstyle is not good for anyone.
u Hard cuts / u
smooth, straight hair and sharp cuts are another hit from 2012. accurate, simply cut geometric hairstyle will add a modern character. seem particularly desirable when it is associated with a small asymmetry, not on one side bangs or short hair wycieniowanymi rear head.
seafront asymmetric Boby / u Bob
haircut, that will never go out of fashion. You can choose a simple, smooth asymmetric version of the volume or add a side of Bob thin the herd. Play with texture, Bob choose a type of face shape. characters hair will add a supermodnych colors this season.
u Long bangs / u
Shading and long bangs brushed to the side were fashionable in the last year, but still always very popular. They are not only very feminine, and modern. I can comb it smooth, highlight the selected strands of hair or add volume with branded cosmetics.
Boys mess / u

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