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How sugar scrub

How to Creating your own scrub sugar body scrub is very easy

Creating your own body scrub is a very simple A Home peels are made from natural ingredients and works much better than those from the pharmacy to make yourself sugar scrub with brown sugar stunning effect ... velvety smooth skin.
Flood two cups of sugar in a bowl.
Mix 1/3 cup olive £ olive oil 1/4 cup almond oil.
sugar pour oil and mix thoroughly. If the texture is too thick, add a little olive oil if too watery , add the sugar. Generally, each match something else, but the piling should be relatively dense, remember that.
When you get the desired consistency add the vanilla extract and stir again thoroughly.
Put scrub jar.
peeling Rub the body after showering circular motion. Put two fingers in the jar and remove the appropriate amount of exfoliation. rest set it again. After the massage, body scrub washing but not accurate, the skin remains thin layer of oil. skin smooth and moisturized, gently wipe the towel to avoid removing oil from the skin. Even you will not have to rub lotion after this peel.

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