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How elegant bun with braids

In an elegant bun with braids Simple but very elegant way of UPI CIA hair in a bun?

Simple but very elegant way of UPI CIA hair in a bun take a few braids and contain them on the back of the head in the shape of the original hair looks like it has a little hard work, but in reality they do in how many minutes. . to work.
comb the hair thoroughly with a brush or comb. Share them into five equal parts. Each piece woven in a simple braid and tie a rubber band. Eraser should be in the hair color does not stand out. And it will be hidden, but if you do not risk.
Grasp the tail on the back of the head, in the middle. Wywiń it up, wrap and pin wsuwkami head. slides should be in color hair, and not to remain inconspicuous, and an eraser. Pin the tail so that its tip is was under convolution.
Grasp the tail side and INCLUDE around him, and previously upiętym, making sure to hide the ends of the elastic strands of hair.
do the same with the other tail. Dopnij on the back of the head pinned to the previous .
Continue braiding until upniesz.
lightly dust the finished cake with hairspray to fix it.

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