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Home remedies for oily hair.

Domestic greasy hair greasy hair .. probably annoy anyone this problem

Oily hair is likely to upset someone affected by this problem, buy a variety of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, but the problem remains but does not need to seek a solution by now Just look in your home where you can find different ways to ... oily hair. Try them and find the best fit.
After washing, rinse the shampoo mixture made of two tablespoons of vinegar and a glass of water. Rinse with clean water.
second flush performs ¼ cup of lemon juice and a glass of water. Be sure to rinse your hair afterwards with clean water.
glass of water add a few tablespoons of pure alcohol. mix and rinse your hair. then rinse with warm, clear water.
Massage the scalp with oil from the seeds of watermelon. Rinse and then he the head.
Boil two tablespoons of mint leaves and a tablespoon rosemary ½ cup of water about 20 minutes. Mix two tablespoons of this mixture of ¼ cup of shampoo that you use. Wash your hair.
oil tea tree oil, rosemary, lemon grass, sage, horsetail, eucalyptus is a plant known to get rid of greasy hair problem.
hair rinse can also dilute tea. Impossible? Try and see for yourself ... head.
Mix a teaspoon of juice and a tablespoon of aloe juice Lemon. Add to shampoo. Wash your hair as usual.
You can also gently rub into the scalp and hair made of corn flour for infants or flooding. Lets head for five minutes. then thoroughly brush head.
Mix two egg yolks with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply to wet hair and leave for about five minutes. Then rinse with water.
turns out that beer is not only suitable for drinking. After washing your hair rinse it with beer and water. Tallow disappear.

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