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How to wear a vest

How to wear a vest The vest is one of the most versatile and timeless clothes, but you have to start some ideas for what he wears

vest is one of the most versatile and timeless clothes, but you have to start some ideas for what to wear Below youll find ideas for different types of vests
U.. On the strip / u Black
vest will be a great show of color and single color strips of clothing. Such a set of selected Olivia Palermo, who founded a black vest with red and blue stripe and a white dress with lace.
Lace / u Vests
lace, transparent or crochet will look best on a color podkoszulce. actress Elena Furiase chose a light T-shirt with an emphasis lightness and airiness in the vest.
u Boho / u If you
like a little hippy climate embroidered vest worn stone with a simple T-shirts for wider straps and long, baggy pants - as did Gina Gershon.
u jeansowo / u
White denim jacket looks good in combination with colored t-shirt and white sneakers. Dianna Agron has chosen to list with a simple, tight pants.
u manly / u
Menswear for women is a classic. the black jacket you can wear black pants and white shirt. Singer Charice said male satin style black tie and a hat with a brim.
u skin / u
predatory If you like the look of leather wear, tight vest. course her pants and tube socks and high toe is important! Sasha Jackson founded a black shirt underneath and a wide, leather bracelet. But be careful with selecting jewelry and not overdo it.
u great / u
shiny, metallic vest best presented in conjunction with white. Perfect for an evening! Katie Lee was founded with a white T-shirt with high neck and short flared company,. dniczką
u furry vest / u
Fake fur is the best in the colder months and looks great buttoned Samantha chose a soft sweater, simple jewelry, and hairstyles .. fur vest, tie strap is optional.

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