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How to paint the nails for the holidays Christmas Day

How to paint the nails for the holidays

At Christmas we clean our houses, decorate them nicely, zdobimy table, tree Do not forget about yourself elegantly dressed, comb, color is also important to paint the nails, and here, if only ... The easy way You can have the courage to go wild. Nicholas Nail. You can also decorate this way a nail into his daughter will be over the moon.
nail where you want to paint Santa paint with clear varnish.
When the colorless nail varnish dries cut the tape to a piece big enough to hid half of the nail. Connect the strap from the middle to the end of the nail.
color red nail polish. Wait until the paint dries. Then peel off the tape. half nail skin should be red, colorless residue.
white lacquer paint over the border between two colors. not, however, ordinary straight line, but her little pofaluj, because it will be Nicholas hair sticking out from under the lid. White lacquer or nail edges to form a kind of clear lacquer coatings. Conclusion? color Father Christmas beard.
blacks make up two small dots in the eyes of Nicholas, and pink paint to paint your face. When all the paint to dry paint to paint the entire fixed. when dry Nicholas finished
Other nails, those on which you will paint Nicholas color red -. skin - and ΒΌ white to help nail strip
boundaries between colors .. dash glow paint and silver paint. When everything is dry, colored plates fixed to the end. Voila!

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