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To mark the screws with nuts

To mark the nuts on the bolts to make jewelry, you can relax, unwind and relax from everyday problems

Making jewelry
you can relax, unwind and relax from everyday problems Some are looking to read the rest of the book, others work in the garden and around the house and there are some people who love to create ... If you fall into this second group of people that you will enjoy the following plan. Necklace with nuts on the screws at your fingertips.
nut to place the screws in the selected sample. and sequences and translates them and find something that suits you. If you want to do the same as My, you have nine nuts. Nuts should be arranged in the form reminiscent of the deltoid, kite flying.
Place the nuts together. For all seemed very nice, the parent should be the same size.
various nuts combined with each other through connecting ogniwek. nuts ogniwkami Match the color of the whole thing was as silent. Ogniwka squeeze the pliers to keep the lid firmly in place.
one of the outer nut Make ogniwko link labeled hang on a chain.

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