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In leather bracelets

How to make a leather bracelet jewelry, not only is it a stylish addition was not so hard

.. Making Jewellery, not only is a modern addition was not so hard you just need to skillfully select the project to their abilities and this is what I propose here is very simple, it does not mean that it is kitsch. Podpatrz and try .
choice of skin was cut bandwidth. As for the length. Wrap the tape around the skin, but loosely. In the end it will be a bracelet. bracelet ends will overlap so taken into account. bracelet can not fall out of hand, remember that. When you specify the length of the strip to cut the bracelet just as you need.
cut tape strips on the selected pattern. choose niegrube triangle, but you can decorate your bracelet as you want. cut from masking tape to put a leather strap designs.
Now select the paint color of skin color. Allow to dry.
When paint is dry peel off glued parts of the earlier tapes.
At the end of the bracelet is ready to mount the latch.
bracelet ready.

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