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How to paint modern pants

How to paint modern pompous colored pants pants tore at our stores

colored pants ....
pompous Torah in our stores is not surprising and designers and we had a lot of gray, ordinary trousers Color helpful to everyone I decided to go a bit further and create two-tone pants. And all the colors cloth and a little patience. choice of color depends solely and exclusively by you, and what color pants.
Measure and mark on the pants and sleeves only 30 to 40 inches, depending on the length of pants. Mark them with a pencil, and then some nice legs with masking tape, as shown in Fig.
paint colors squeeze tube or a plastic base plate. pants to put on a plastic base. dip the brush in the paint and start painting pants starting from where the tape is attached.
Color entire front leg all the way. Do not forget to paint an accurate leg on each side. Leave pants paint is completely dry. It is very important. color must be perfectly dry.
When the paint has dried peel tape. Voila!
You can also turn pants inside out, measuring about 15-20 inches and painted on the lower leg height. Do this only if you intend to bend the leg. Allow the paint to dry completely.
Here are ready-leg pants with odgiętymi.
And this trendy, two-tone pants in action!

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