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How to label the branches in the shape of the shoe

To mark the branches in a very funny shoe pendant is made entirely of wood, a true branch

Very funny
pendant is made entirely of wood, especially from the stem branches every one of us has at hand, is not it, especially in autumn when they are already dry, with less juice Dorwij NO.?. Branches and hang on the door and not immediately, of course. First, a little above it and practice it in their turn shoes, or if you like the Cossacks.
As a branch that interests us is the part where it divides. In the diagram above, which is where to cut the branches to get the shape of the shoe. cutting branches from branches of equal rights for the place where the branch. cut twigs on top of the shoe. Cut all the branches of the card, if there are
here is obtained from the corresponding cut shoes
the upper part of the shoe, on top of the hole passes through it from back to front of the shoe - the twigs were .. -. Here you must be careful to not cut the branch, so as not to drill the wrong or not to hit the middle
got the boot in - white. or any other color you want - and leave to dry
permanent black mark. shoes you can draw in different ways.
Boot is ready to hang as a pendant or a pendant on a chain.

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