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How to decorate a shimmering sneakers

How to decorate a shimmering sneakers shoes are in fashion again

shoes are in fashion again, but this is not the same shoes that were forced to take physical education classes at school sneakers in the new trendy version everyone wants to wear, not just in school .. but above all on the street. Because they are colorful, well-tailored, very nice. in dominating fashion and all that glitters is. What can I say, therefore, a combination? change shoes and decorate them with glitter. be fashionable, or visible.
Remove the laces of the sneaker. representative lecturer coaches with masking tape. Pull ahead trampka language. band and the tape bent posture, as shown in the picture above.
Squeeze glue from the tube at the base or tekturkę Apply glue to the entire surface of the tongue of each shoe -. except perhaps logos, if any, on trampku is -.
put shoes in a box Sprinkle glitter glue coated tongues. pretty close together so that the whole language becomes covered with glitter Allow shoes to dry in a box
Then, for more still in the box - did not shine .. scattered around the room or apartment, and believe me, its possible - brush glue one of the shoes, one by one.
Sprinkle glitter glue buttered sides of shoes. Allow to dry.
not regret glitter. total area of ​​the shoe should be covered with glory. press box of shoes, flew to the excess shine shoes for Let the glue is completely dry and then glue brush
front rubber sneakers
Attach brads prepared for him - ... or other selected ornaments -.

. Shoes quietly dry box
tie dyed in the color you want - whether its color shine -.
shoes are completely dry - and it can take - Shred the excess glitter, peel tape from inside the shoe. Creating laces. job is done.

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