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How to do the leg warmers of the sweater

How to make leg warmers foot jumper from the heaters are a hit this season, but it makes no sense at once to rush to fashionable shops, as well as purchase

leg heaters are a hit this season, but it makes no sense to rush at once a modern store and buy it much cheaper if you will not be alone with an old sweater key to this project is to select the appropriate .. sweater. Be better than a sweater acrylic wool. But before you cut off the sleeves would be best if przymierzysz them on their feet.
Lay flat and cut off his sleeves Sweater.
Cut the bottom of the rib sweater.
Cut the bottom rib and a half.
deposits puller halves in half and staple together. If you do not have a sewing machine zig-zag staple the edges to prevent entrusted their materials.
Place turnbuckles at the top of the sleeves and sew them.
this is optional. If you want Heaters are loose and fell on the boot then you can safely skip this
. However, if you want opinaƂy feet and then fell in each of them wszyj eraser
warming goes Remember, do not throw the rest of the sweater you can turn it into a skirt View - .! .. As a company, keep in mind the following from the sweater?

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