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How to make a fashionable leather necklace

How to make a fashionable leather necklace leather back in fashion

. Leather
back in fashion and if so, how useful some nice leather accents complete the outfit better to give than leather necklaces addition, hand-made a few cuts and beauty ... jewelry ready.
Deposits piece of paper in half. On the edge as if to draw arc, see Fig. cut it.
should look drawn, cut and distributed element. Attach it to your neck and see if by chance you should not have more open arms, so that overlap and neck. make corrections.
form now ready to move on to the skin and cut.
On the left, the white chalk - or different colors, depending on skin color - to create different patterns that ozdobisz necklaces They can be geometrically forms or other forms of invention start with something simple, but
scissors or sharp knife to cut ... Now cut out the shapes drawn.
Natnij skin at the edges, as shown in Fig. on both sides make an incision.
done through engravings, reload the ribbon.
Make a neck collar and tie both ends of the ribbon necklace not included.
is divine!

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