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How to have perfect skin

How to have perfect skin You have to understand that not everyone is born with perfect skin

You have to understand that not everyone is born with perfect skin is not perfect any complexion will always be perfect It all depends on how much the skin will take care of the make-up helps us to hide some flaws, why thank you ... I feel more confident. But its not about hiding our true skin beneath tons of powder or liquid coating. it does not help, and even hurt. How, then, take care of the skin, which was nice and fresh for a long time Reply below.
u Try not to impose a sleeper / u, liquid and powder if you do not have to, for example, in a lazy Saturday. Wash your makeup immediately after arriving home from work, I do not know Im going nowhere. Do not wait until the evening. When you go to buy just after the baby is in kindergarten or walk the dog, do not impose unnecessary cosmetics. If you have dark under eye shoes, put on him a little lightening example. If you have a great tan muśnij him some powder . Indeed, less is better. skin can breathe freely and not be aging at an accelerated pace.
u Drink more water. / u Water for a best friend, well-watered skin. drink as much water as you can, and Youll notice the difference when it comes to skin condition. Improvement will not happen, of course, from day to day. all takes time, but worth it. skin needs a natural source of hydration.
u Wash your face twice a day / u . Use gels and lotions customized to skin type. Always wash your face before going to sleep after jściem - ... Do not go without washing off makeup Always wash your face after you get it in the morning before the process of face wash, rinse thoroughly with warm water to open pores Wash face, and finally rinse with cold water, will now be closed.
u use lotions / u is suitable for your skin type. Even after washing the gel for face washing the skin can still be different impurities. Tonic great job with them can handle. Soak the flake beauty tonic and wipe face. She will see that the lid will not stay perfectly clean.
u moisturize skin / u. each time after washing Soothe your skin and pat the cream in it . He, too, should be adapted to skin type. Use cream for day and night. At the time of applying creams to your face and massage gently, and then the skin absorb cream better. In the summer kremówz day use a filter in the winter creams that help your skin to withstand low temperatures and chilly winds.
u peeling. / u Once a week use a facial scrub. peeling, as well as gel, lotion and cream should be adapted to skin type. grainy scrub, suitable for oily skin is not good for sensitive skin . With the right use the right kind of peeling of the skin will be fresh, shiny and perfectly smooth.
seafront Salvation masks. / u mask can also work wonders. moisturizes, nourishes and cleanses. secret mask that penetrates deep the structure of the skin. As exfoliating masks can be used more than once a week.
If you have acne, do not over do u cosmetics / u, in order to get rid of this problem. You can dry the skin.
u wash pillowcase often, / u which you sleep. touches her face for several hours during sleep. If the pillow is not too often accompanies all the bad bacteria, dust, dirt, etc. get into the skin. Even the best position to sleep, clear skin can be protected from them.

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