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How to make a necklace with fringe

How to make a necklace with fringe Jewelry inspired by ethnic motifs went well for our shop and lockers

Jewellery inspired by ethnic motifs went well for our trade and coffins Unfortunately, all that is trendy and has a price, but from what we are your imagination and ability has recently been more and more boldly appear in different .. ? forms pompons. Instead of buying it, a necklace, you can do it yourself. See how simple it is. And the result can not complain.
Gather all materials in one place. Measure how much you need ribbon with fringe. connect with each other So necklace and decide how much to cut. same length as the tape should be a chain.
Start connecting with ribbon chain. Keep the tape for one of its goals. Break ogniwko link at the end of the tape. Hook ogniwko eyes and last in the chain. Close ogniwko.
then break the ribbon next ogniwkiem, they are also a hip chain and close ogniwko. Continue in this way ribbon with chain link.
Connect the ribbon with the overall chain length. from one end to another. Try to keep the distance between consecutive ogniwkami were too big and to be equal.
ogniwek Then in the middle of the chain that connects codline insert tape. codline Pull the entire length of the cord and chain. Check pomponiki were in the middle of the laces, and the end to come out pomponiki with both sides equally.
last eyelet chain links ogniwko wear and thrust them through the middle of the lace.
Close ogniwko connectivity. do the same with the other. pomponiki With this operation will not slide down the strings.
necklace ready. free ga Put in your favorite blouse.

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