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How autumn pumpkin necklace

As autumn pumpkin autumn necklace has a window so little time to refresh jewelery

. Autumn
but behind the window so that it is time to refresh some of our jewelry, of course, you can go to the store and I bought, but it will not make the same impression as you do the same in this article I will show you how to make Fall colors .. pumpkin necklace
Gather all materials will need as much as you have jars of food coloring -. same color as you and Dye Eggs for Easter -.
Remember that orange color can be achieved by mixing red and yellow and purple - blue and red - you can add a little green -.
Fill the jars a few inches of water and mix it with food colors Each container must be different paint colors to throw jars of pumpkin seeds .. and leave it in them all night in the beginning, before the seeds are not well namoknÄ… will float on water -. then painted only from the bottom -. If you leave it on all night to drown and be painted on each side
Now just screw the pumpkin seeds thread. make a necklace, you can use the seeds in their natural color.

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