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How to make a necklace with the coil end

? How to make a necklace with a spool or bobbin with Necklace And why not now anything is possible

? ...
Necklace with bobbin And why not now anything is possible Set the appropriate color or design and have this roll can safely assume a normal shirt and board for the summer, do not hesitate. Act.
Mulin be adjusted in one or more colors. colors should complement each other.
Coil bobbin cotton threads in their own way. This can be one color, changing colors, or even one in the middle, the other side. giving you complete flexibility. It will be your necklace.
bobbin can tie a piece of ribbon and make a bow.
Pass the chain through the center of the spool. Necklace ready.
If you want you can add a pendant necklace charms.

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