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How to decorate your nails with lace

How to decorate your nails with lace Want to have your nails from all the others to make themselves beautiful and fashionable nails decorate plain lace?

Want to have your nails from all the others that you are beautiful and stylish nails decorate plain lace in just a few
oh your nails will change beyond recognition Lace Nail the perfect fit? Creation .. evening or a romantic dinner for two.
lace cut a small piece and put it into the nail.
Measure and cut a piece of lace piece that fits perfectly shaped nails.
one and two for the remaining nails.
painted a layer of clear nail polish.
Immediately after painting the nail bed for cutting a piece of lace.
gently secure it to the toothpick pushes the nail.
Wait until the paint dry.
Then apply a second coat of nail polish and let dry thoroughly. If necessary, apply a third coat.
repeat the same steps with another nail.

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