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How to wash a bag

How to wash bag handbag is an inherent feature of all women

bag is the inherent attribute of every woman is located in it all you need each day for survival, but its probably the rest of prehistory, when the brave woman gathered her purse roots, leaves and fruit in. At the same time fending off attacks cave bears and Neanderthals obnoxious. Today, most people are reluctant to get their hands on the purse for fear of suddenly spills out of her content. In fact, long unwashed bag can hide objects in themselves are not of this world. If you are afraid of the same deeper look at her in fear of three years with dry mascara, an old contact lenses that are worn handkerchiefs and scattered pills drobniaków layer -. sign that the time for general cleaning
u cleaning bags requires tact, patience and care. / u
part of that are sometimes stiff layers of dirt and bacteria. Instead of violently shaking the bag upside down and pour it all on the table, she gently by the horns and slowly pours the contents over a flat, smooth surface, so that nothing escaped. If there are any bag-sensitive objects, pick them up in advance so that they will not be broke.
u. Next
sort the items. / u
replace medicines and toiletries in one place, electronically or mechanically equipment to another. Dispose of old used tissues or other items that, if patients do not use expired or has been in the bag for a long time - like the old chocolate - do not hesitate to throw back if you find a bag out of date medicines, such as antibiotic of last years expiration date, do not throw them in the trash .. but referring to the nearest pharmacy that they can be recycled.
u now have the entire contents posortowałaś handbags, watch closely every item that you want to keep and thoroughly wipe Dust and dirt .. / u Wash
and plastic packaging favorite lipstick and leather pouch, box lunch, and even lost pennies Then again, the separation in all categories - cosmetics aside, hair slides individually, lenses and sunglasses alone, medication alone, etc. This bag after cleaning is easily arranged in a logical things of everyday use.
u If your bag has lots of compartments inside and out, clean them all at the bottom of the bag with water and soap / u
, who could find a hidden hole in the ceiling -. in favor of small objects would be better to bury it. Let bag dry and then fill the inside back posegregowanymi objects, with which it grew.
u last step is to clean the outside bag. / u
If it is made of artificial leather, just a mild dishwashing detergent and water. If suede, buy a special product for cleaning suede. Some stains can be removed with rubber band to denigrate, but it takes time. Then clean the bag with a suede brush or any decent brush with metal teeth brushed, but zębówz hard bristles can also work wonders. If your bag is made of genuine leather, use Dove facial Soap, water and a soft cloth, then rinse and wipe gently with a terry towel. Clear skin is always the hardest, so it carefully and after
, the first way to test a small area of ​​the bag.
in How to keep the bag in good condition on a daily basis? / u
When you go with friends to play, concert or picnic refuse storage in people drinking snacks just because the bag is the largest storage at your fingertips.
Do not carry open containers in a bag of candy or chocolate, mineral water, avoid the neighborhood in a plastic bottle with sharp objects that can puncture, for example, house keys
perhaps the most obvious thing in the world, but worth a reminder . let your bag is not used to handling the hamster, cat or even milutkiego York - This is no place where to meet fur. luck!
/ ul

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