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How to use termoloków

Using termoloków When self-curling, is easiest to divide the head into three main parts: the upper part of head, side of the head from ear to ear and the lower portion of hair below the ears

curling, the easiest way is to divide the head into three main parts: the upper part of head, side of the head from ear to ear and the lower portion of hair below the ears
. Br u Start from head / u Setting seafront
termoloków: Straight: / u włosówz winding through the back, and sticking to the hot roller hair will get the largest volume of the foot of the slope It works great for short hair ..
u Vertical alignment. / u can be applied to the lateral parts of the head, the winding włosó., in the back, and keep warm shaft in a vertical position, this method creates a winding loose, flowing waves that fall into the rear
u winding down: . / u This method can be Do not use nail styling products such as sprays, pomade or wax at least for now! For now you can only use a small amount of light hairspray. In the event that you use with other products before fouling hair, hair style will not last!
Second Take lots of great hair, starting from the top of the line włosówz front. Then you wind the axle at the rear of the head. Shafts will be placed vertically from top to bottom. This part of the hair will require the use of three rollers. Third
Turning to the bottom, below the ear, the wind remaining lots włosówz back of the head. Spray paint each coat. You should get two rows of rollers, approx. 6 rollers on both sides of the head, all in an upright position, facing the rear. You should end up on the rollers at the top of your head, unless you want to get the additional volume.
fourth Leave rollers in your hair at the right time. If you pull rollers, let cool! Comb to comb your hair, putting them back to loosen the curls. Now you can use styling products to emphasize curls.

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