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How to rejuvenate the neck

To rejuvenate the neck seen this for many women, and probably think that you will not be so, but if not properly care for your neck, chances are good that you get a lot faster than your face

seen this for many women, and probably think that you will not be so, but if not properly care for your neck, chances are good that you get a lot faster than your face. But there is a way to maintain a youthful appearance of the door and none of them involves work.
Too many women spend much time in the face wklepując everything from expensive creams to professional masks, but neglect their necks until when it is too late. But your neck does not look old when you reach age 30 years if it has taken any action and will use them carefully. Make sure that your neck will still look young, beautiful and dignified in age. If you follow these simple tips, youll be wearing her hair tied in a ponytail almost every day, just to show off their beautiful sleek neck
FACT. Botox is used to remove wrinkles on the neck
. u Watching TV in a vertical position. / u
next time to watch television, either in the living room or bedroom room, look at your place. which brings down your chin to your chest and sit for a few hours so?
If this place has become a habit, and eventually the doors begin to develop wrinkles and your skin May even run obwisać.
Try keep your head stretched out in it rubb at any time if you ever see your pictures with the chin is probably because I always leave the head to keep his chin up, and start to see a whole new you - .. and it will help keep a youthful appearance of the neck .
keeping a beard in the raised position, preventing the formation of wrinkles and neck wrinkles. So start paying attention to what position you hold in your beard, and avoid leaving.
u neck treated as if Treat your face. / u
If you treat your face like gold every morning and evening, and not just for the neck, finished with a smooth face and an old door. And if I ever saw a woman who represents such a situation, you know that does not look good.
Since then, every pleasure that you give your person, you must give your neck. If you make a mask, use also in the neck. same applies to scrub once a week. And most importantly, use a really high SPF filtrów doors to prevent aging.
skin on the neck is very thin and sensitive, and aging rapidly, if not adequately protected from UV radiation.
u practice. / u
should not just to stretch and exercise regularly neck, in order to avoid injury and stiffness, but you should train your entire body in order to maintain a youthful appearance of the door.
strength training makes the neck is strong enough to carry the weight, the improvement and development of cervical muscles and improve mobility.
During the day, when youre not going to the gym, do not forget to stretch your neck, leaning his head on his shoulder, and then another, and then lean back and the chest. Keep each item for about 30 seconds .
u stay slim. / u
It is obvious that if you increase the weight, chances are good that even your neck. take the extra weight to begin with, that unwanted weight is unattractive, but they do make a thick neck, it will be the happiest
Classes -. see above - and a healthy diet to prevent weight przybieraniu formation and fleshy chin and neck.
u neck massage. / u
If you can afford, we come up toilet, every three months and ask for a neck massage. will not cost you anything extra, and youll be very happy. If you can not afford four treatments a year, then go for self-massage of the neck. Put the cream on the hands and neck massage, heading towards the top. This will stimulate blood circulation in the neck.
u Sleep with outstretched head. / u
If you tend to sleep on many pillows, its time to to stop this because it is probably a result of sleeping with a curved neck. select apartment sleeping bag, so there are more chances that your neck will be pulled through the night.
If the curve chin down toward your chest while you sleep, what they did at the end premature wrinkles around the neck. reducing pad, or a complete lack of its use, you will notice that your habit of curving the neck subsided.
u maintain a youthful appearance of the door forever. / u
Growing up, we are inclined to think that well be young forever, and sometimes neglected parts of our body until it is too late. But if you start to take care of the door at the same time, when you start the confusion associated with the face, you will be able to maintain a youthful appearance for many years.

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