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How to paint eyes in purple

How to paint your eyes in purple Below youll find makeup for blue eyes made of purple-blue shadows

. Below
makeup for blue eyes made of purple-blue shadow blue shadow people look best with blue eyes, provided that the color of the shadow does not appear in the color of your eyes You know what happens.? For example, If you have bright blue eyes will not look good in shades of blue, but you will look beautiful in them, if your eyes are dark blue makeup will look good if you have green eyes - .. preferably a green light - or dark - brown or black -.
Put the lid base for eye shadow base, apply silver eyeshadow -. color similar to the color of your skin -. beige hue distributed throughout the eyelid black eyeliner to draw a line. the lash line - you can also use a black eye pencil - Apply ..
purple eyeshadow along the lower lash line, which extends beyond the outer edge of eye to eye It seems to be more blue shadow to draw lines of black eyeliner and gently. purple shadows coat. Repeat as necessary.
notch above the purple shadows, apply the bright pink glow.
Draw a black pencil line along the lower lash line. purple shadow, apply and gently rub
Then make a line of white eyeliner along the central edge of the lower lid and put in the inner corner of eye shadow pink -. picture below -. Sign in ink on the eyelashes and youre done.

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