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How to quickly decorate a shirt with lace

How fast can you decorate a shirt with lace very easily, quickly and most importantly a great way to turn ordinary T-shirt in a nice and elegant?

... Very simple, fast and most importantly a great way to turn ordinary T-shirt in a beautiful and elegant with a simple lace blouses doszyciu change its character and appearance beyond recognition and you try Impact looks much better in reality than in pictures .
shirt should be plain, without prints, but any length. You can also sew the crown on his tunic.
wreath Night T-shirt with her agent and measure the length.
Add a few inches on each side crown. trim the rest.
needle crown pin shirts.
wreath on the door of the bend at the bottom of the jersey, and not to be interrupted at the point, where T is completed. must therefore be slightly longer than the length of the shirt.
do same at the bottom of the shirt.
then sew the crown on the machine t-shirts.
sew crown neck.
and bottom of the shirt.
shirt ready. You can safely assume to himself.
looks nice.

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