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How to make a necklace with fringe

How to make a necklace with fringe instead of tassels from yarn, embroidery floss or other material purchased or you can simply tear from something

Instead fringe of yarn, embroidery floss or other material purchased or you can simply tear from something with a few simple
connected, you can do yourself wspaniały same fringe necklace with quick, nice, modern and efficient.
Gather all materials.
Measure the length of the fringe that suits you and cut it. bangs have a small loop at the top. Scissors lead between the two loops.
cut edge.
If the fringe joined at the bottom of the thread, pull it.
threads a needle and thread to break the edges of the cut edges.
Secure .. edges from unraveling so close
them with a needle and thread to sew fringe chain still remember the first measure exactly where in the chain sew fringe -. but it should be done in
to another, you need to decide on the width of the edge -.
Continue to sew the fringe on the chain over its entire length
And here is already sewn tassels
frędzlom .. If you want to give some form now is the time. Simply beautiful fringe on a flat surface and place a straight edge and cutting wheels. cut edge of the part you want .
form which gave its frędzlom.
If you want two colors from the lower edge doszyj also been prepared, a second layer of fringe.
wire Fringe trim, but not so short as in the first place.
necklace with tassels ready.
And it looks like a necklace with tassels at the door.

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