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How to decorate shoes Castle

How to decorate zipper boots have shoes like Christian Louboutins easy?

? ....
Have shoes like Christian Louboutin It is easy to convert your black heels for the real deal thanks to the castle and acrylic paint shoes will be unrecognizable and youll look nice and modern and not markowo. Call you to do this little trick with the castle and colors.
Gather all materials.
Measure the length from the base of the shoe heel in a straight line to the top.
Lock Cut two pieces of exactly that length. Cut some material the locks, because it may be too tight. If the cut sides lightly burnt castles, in the not strzępiły.
Then fasten the lock with glue on the pins in the shoe. each part separately or together, as you prefer. Firmly press and Wait until the glue dries.
If you have a black stilettos and you want to look glamorous, you can paint the soles red. Do it for using acrylic paint.
Allow shoes to dry. When the first coat of paint to dry thoroughly, Apply another. Again, let it dry, then apply a third party.
When the paint is completely dry shoes will be ready for installation. I must admit to arouse admiration.

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