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How to make simple earrings with paperclip

How to make simple earrings with paperclip Here is a collection of ideas to use ordinary paper clips and turns them into jewelry, and especially the earrings

Heres a collection of ideas to use ordinary paper clips and turns them into jewelry, especially earrings in the This is so simple that Im ashamed that I had not come up with much, much earlier, so .. get out of the drawer. And Open a paperclip for your own, beautiful earrings
you just a little bit of wire clips and put them in your ears What could be simpler
Another very simple idea is the premise of the clip ..? - cool, if they are colorful -. Biglia for earrings .. super easy
If you want to replace some clips bead earrings will be nicer and more pronounced
metal buckle on you can put hooks addition, .. Wrap a thin and soft-clip wire. great, right?
You can also attach to the end of the paper clip, piece of material would be best. You can put a paper clip earrings ear wires and youre done!
And heres a little harder. Using pliers straighten the paper clips and bend them into a square spiral. Make a hook on it.
clips can also be easily shaped into an ellipse. These earrings are made to look like a paper clip. You can add an element to them. decorative
If you bend the claw clip spiral octal get another interesting pattern experiment by
it is a little different type of record -.!. clip office, it also can work as earrings. Try it!

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