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How to make a necklace with a lock with a fringe

How to make a necklace with a lock with a fringe like DIY projects

Love to do it yourself projects I hope you, too, because here they find and read my article from Jewelry castles Saints success, every woman wants to have the gift box is one of the lock .. So, I invite you to keep your jewelry from the lock. I guarantee that a necklace was gone.
Measure the length and cut the lock on the edge of such length, because you have twice the fringe on both sides of the lock.
Thread a needle and thread to sew tassels begin to lock the material in the vicinity of cloves.
seen in Figure
the other end of the lock trim and staple the two ends together. will return part of the necklace, which is located in the neck.
hang around the neck collar is enough to rozepniesz castle.
slider to attach some interesting markings. Necklace will be interesting.

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