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How to care for big breasts

How to care for large breasts bust is primarily a decoration of the female body

is primarily a womans body decoration Unfortunately, look attractive, we have to spend a little time and attention, regardless of size must be strong to have a bigger problem with the ladies ... more ..... We will take care of the breast not to give up the relentless action of gravity is how to cope at home with big breasts
One of the most important things is choosing a bra dear Lord, with the bowl up D - .. not spared vests need more professional, perfectly tailored bras that do not distort the breast and you shall not oppress course, large breasts should wear the vest with a solid wide straps, but I absolutely do not have to be a bra like this - our grandmother now .. in good lingerie shops properly trained individuals who will choose your perfect bra. manufacturers competing in the creation of new , all the more attractive model for large breasts. Just remember that the most important thing is comfort and then look. not hesitate to ask, try to pick up.
Follow the daily breast massage shower. Avoid hot water. Let it cool and heat alternating. This will improve blood circulation and firming cosmetic make better immediately after bathing. Do not expect your breasts will be firm after a week in this way. work on this would be your instinct, became the custom to take a shower every time you spend on massages and 5 minutes. Massage is performed by lifting one hand up to massage his chest was tight. Invest in a good firming cream and reduce. stretch marks can be purchased at a pharmacy, designed specifically for the generous bust
Gymnastics exercises strengthen the muscles, which will increase the breast are favorable to the wall push-ups and exercises that should be familiar with each woman taking care of your breasts Namely.! ..: combination of both hands at chest height, extending your elbows, press both hands on the maximum power - to keep approximately 5-10 seconds and then relax Repeat this action several times an ally of the breast is also a swimming This is an exercise and massage the muscles in one order .... So now subscribed to the pool!

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