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How to choose fragrance for summer

How to choose fragrance for summer What are the best smells in the heat, so that refreshing?

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What are the best smells in the heat so refreshing, however, when the embers rain from the sky, often stop to think about the intense perfumes and toilet water, but we want to smell at the end of the most sensitive sense of smell. Largest impact on the subconscious and the olfactory memory is the strongest and most durable. fragrance should enhance our prosperity, good luck for us. What to choose in the summer?
Let it cool. If the heat does not allow you to function normally, choose only in deodorants. stick , in combination with spray Now we can get all kinds of cosmetic kind - citrus, mint, cucumber - .... It refreshes us and prevent perspiration odor deodorant will be felt, not pushy We can also use perfumed shower gel and lotions Our whole body will smell subtly besides nourishing the skin.
Once you decide on a certain smell of deodorant will not let tough, do not forget that summer. I recommend the fog and sprays for the body. often sprays in addition to the iridescent particles, so that Your body will look attractive. summer body sprays never too heavy odor. soaps, fruit, flowers. you spray on your clothes, let them soak the smell of it too.
However, if you choose to perfume the summer we need to give more time. Avoid perfumes on the beach, do not forget to include alcohol. matching scent to be careful. Do not be ashamed to return several times in the shop, the smell test on the wrist. You must be sure to make you feel good in it all the time, not only when applied on the skin after you are sure that you choose the perfect perfume for you - use them wisely .. Do not be sprayed from head to toe
! summer, you can make your hair smell. perfume in their hair were very long. Think of them by his wrists , the area behind the ears and behind knees. Clothing You can also check the smell. Try to choose a scent that often do not have to change it. Let this ideally Your chosen aroma will tell.
If alcoholic perfumes and deodorants are to sensitize the summer to try to make their environment odor. Start with lingerie and clothing. now in vogue have aromatic rinse. Choose your favorite scent. Make it fresh, floral or fruity. wash your hair beautifully scented shampoo. effect will be that you will smell fresh. perfume, which will be add a slight aura of secrecy, and allowing you to share it with perfume.

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