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How to moisturize your skin in summer

How to moisturize your skin in the summer is a difficult period for our skin

Summer is a difficult period for our skin sun, air and high temperatures would at this time of year, skin needs special attention and additional moisture deep Regardless of skin type, the summer can lead to dehydration .., if not for it is properly maintained. the first of its symptoms include a feeling of tension of the skin, and if you feel uncomfortable burning, thinning and lack of flexibility, it means that the alarm system. As we know, this condition leads to flaking of the skin. So no extra money for youth Read the following advice lines and involves them in practice today!
From the center of the summer we should drink about 2 liters of water a day. Water not only quenches thirst, but the effect on our body and skin cleansing -. moisturizing It is also rich diet ingredients that lead to our skin, for example, will give carrots their color due to carotenoids beta-Olive oil has a positive effect on the skin - ... that will dissolve in it some vitamins for the skin is also important vitamin A, E and C. Instead of ad hoc zinc ointment -. seek zinc in foods that you eat now, there are many supplements that help hydrate and nourish the skin from the inside can help them, but do not rely on .. can only increase the effects of vitamin and components that are consumed in natural ingredients. They do not can replace them.
think that using your favorite body lotion after bathing, which is enough? Unfortunately, not summer. About this time of year, skin hydration, but we must start in the bathtub.m not talking about moisturizing shower gels, which are the most recommended, but not the only way of moisturizing bath. Try not to be washed in very hot water. If you like long seat in the full Water bath - pour her a little baby oil is also dairy products -. milk, yogurt -. that nourishes the skin and soothe irritation selected body lotion, led by the quality and content of moisturizing ingredients - such as shea butter - not just pretty packaging and fragrance. I recommend the body butter, which has long maintained a high level of humidity. During the day We take our hot skin, hydrating mist to the body, which will facilitate and ease. This operation can be repeated several times throughout the day.
when everything else is not ...
Go to a good beautician first ask about the state of Skin May to assess how the treatment is right There are a wide range of treatments from facial moisturizers include marine algae ... - I recommend - after a massage, or in extreme cases - gentle peeling or exfoliation of dead skin with fruit acids Keep in mind that this is a last resort and be careful to avoid the situation where the only solution is to remove dead skin ..

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