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How to straighten your hair so as not to destroy

How to straighten your hair so you do not destroy Every woman dreams of a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair

.. Every woman dreams of a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, however, constantly correcting them, the use of hair dryers, hair curlers, paint, varnish, and the sun makes our hair very often very damaged, but not We may share with straightening hair. If you want your hair to be healthier and want to untangle the most appropriate way, please read the following instructions.
to correct hair straightening, which will be destroyed as little as their structures, we get in a good straightener However, despite many new features, which are equipped with modern leveling -. for example, the use of ceramic tile, or a function of ionization -. does not make your hair will be destroyed on the other hand, if you have the habit of straightening her unruly curls, you should buy for leveling with These functions ensure that your hair will be in better shape, and ceramic tile will allow delicate hair after moving them -. so as not to destroy the hair ends so fast -.
If you want your hair does not are quickly destroyed, and drying, do not use your straightening irons!
Before you buy a straightener, you should be familiar with its other features. One of the most important function of the wet hair straightening, or dry. If straightener should be used only in wet never use it on dry hair! In this way, they can easily destroy the structure of hair, wysuszysz them on the head will be bad hay. same goes for hair straightening dry.
before straightening your curls, comb them thoroughly and divided into separate strands. you can use the usual tricks of hairdressers, who, some of the hair bundle at the top with special couplings.
before using the straightener you can rub into your hair, special preparation termoochronne that not only will protect your hair a lot of destruction, but also lead care to protect your hair straightener plates.
to your hair shiny and beautiful, and the ease of falling on the shoulders, you should request a special straightening techniques. first beam of the band was in front of your face and start smoothing the hair on the back of the head. Start the neck and head from side to side. Repeatedly push the hair straightener from root to tip. Your movements should not be too dynamic, but calm and gentle so as not to break down and destroy the tiles of your hair. not corrected at once too thick tufts of hair. It gives you the best effect and your hair will not curl up too fast.
worth You can fix a new hairstyle. To do this you can apply to hair cosmetics utrwalajÄ…co-nails, hair or silk, as your hair will be easier and shine be nice.

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