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How to choose fragrance on your skin type

How to choose fragrance on your skin type as the care and color cosmetics, fragrances act differently on different skin types?

Just like
care and color cosmetics, fragrances act differently on different skin types is very sensitive, prone to allergies, with years of changing their level of hydration and lubrication of all this means in the context of using perfume .. So, how to choose a fragrance which also does not hurt
First, define your skin type will best help you in this beautician or doctor, but if you choose, remember that.?.:
• dry skin - is sharp, dull, rigid adoption of the nail or the edge of the line which leaves white marks on the skin The skin is more susceptible to irritation and allergies Improper fit can cause cosmetic that will quickly grow old ....
• Oily skin -. is flexible, soft, almost slippery, Naturally lit, a thick layer of sebum makes it more resistant to irritation
• Normal skin -. healthy balance between dry and oily skin . br
If you have dry skin:
careful with perfume compositions dissolved in high concentrations of alcohol, or those containing more than 75-80% alcohol, because alcohol is drying your skin These are all clean .. perfume and perfumed water, but others always check the packaging of alcohol - such as information on the box, eau de toilette 100ml 80 vol% will be informed that it was toilet water from the alcohol content of 80% -. And if you use a specyfika, watch carefully and perfumed leather seats specially to take care of your hydration and nutrition. Choose more toilet water or refreshing, but stronger parallel using deodorants smell or body lotions with the same fragrance line.
If you have a skin ointment:
youre lucky your body well will abolish all kinds of perfumes and strongly showing off, because oily skin releases a lot more intense flavor so you do not Just go overboard with the amount if you use the same perfume, no booster in the form of a deodorant or perfumed! .. gels and lotions.
If you have normal skin:
In this case, you can freely use all kinds of perfume, I applied to general principles of perfume.

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