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How to take care of the hair on the beach

How to take care of the hair on the beach, going on vacation and you plan to spend some time on the beach If so, you should know how to take care of your hair, so after returning from vacation were not brittle, dry and no resemblance to Hay?

going on vacation and you plan to spend some time on the beach If so, you should know how to take care of your hair, so after returning from vacation were not brittle, and reminiscent of dry hay?.
u Forget the hair straightener / u
heat, sunlight, salt water or sand can have a bad effect on the health of your hair. why the holiday period, a slight pressure on the hair and stop using the dryer, which also to dry up.
u spray with UV protection / u
Before his departure to the sun spray Once for you not to ever get rid of. I have good news. You can get rid of him, except that only one month.
u Using brushes / u
Since the skin is the largest body of most people on it reveal the effects of toxins that have a body. Let your skin return to a healthy balance and get rid of this horrible view of cellulite with a brush. The best selection brush with natural bristles. Massage melts start moving toward your buttocks. Abdomen and buttocks movements spherical brush and brush the thighs move up towards the heart. Unfortunately, there is no one who would be perfect for everyone. It is important to always rub lotion after bathing. And for many years to prevent cellulite rub it first brush with natural bristles around, which are particularly prone to orange peel, and then rubbed in anti-cellulite cream.
u cellulite massage / u
anti-cellulite massage, you can do it yourself or you can go to a beauty salon. First of all, massage helps to eliminate fat cells from the skin and reduces cellulite, and also affects the blood flow better. Take a few sessions at the salon, and the results will be very fast.
u adequate diet / u
utmost importance to control the orange peel is a proper diet. First of all fruits and vegetables help maintain healthy skin. Ensure that appeared in the daily diet: ginger, fennel, onion, pepper, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon
u Therma Slim / u
. It is a modern technology based on radio wave monopolar. Its effectiveness is evaluated very highly, because the ability to reach deep layers of the skin. Monopolar radio wave penetrates into the skin and reaches the place, and that starts with a collection of fat cells. In this way we fight during treatment with the problem in its earliest beginnings. Radio waves in the process brings the heat in the subcutaneous tissue, where the local heating to 40 degrees. Locally, under the control of overheating tissues favors wyszczupleniu and modeling figures, eliminate cellulite, as well as the regeneration of collagen fibers.
u Change life style / u
Here is another good reason to change life style. Limit your intake of junk food, smoking and chewing to stop drinking alcohol. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day - it will help flush excess toxins from the body, which could end up on the thighs and buttocks. Experts recommend drinking herbal tea instead of another cup of cola. For herbal teas you can get used to. At the beginning of his taste was awful, but over time they actually taste.
u Practices / u
Of course, this is one of the biggest enemies of cellulite and obesity. Walking, yoga, lifting weights all the exercises that cause tightening the buttocks and leg muscles as the salvation of her body and keep your skin in great shape. Physical activity is the healthiest and least expensive form of struggle with cellulite.
u Think enemy mikroprądem / u
This procedure consists in the production of biologically active tissue within the low-frequency electric field arises from two overlapping high-frequency sine waves are applied using a special four pole electrode. If you use this effect seen after the first visit to the salon.

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