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How to make a professional makeup tips makeup artist.

How to make a professional makeup artist and makeup tips to improve your skills in the make-up.

and improve their skills in the field of makeup tips and tricks in this article come from a professional make-up artists, they will help you give your makeup for a glowing look perfect key design is appropriate to impose make-up Podpatrz as they do. professionals ... and just make-up, where you will look like stars.
u Eyeliner / u
One of the tricks to use this product only apply it after applying mascara. This highlights the lash line and facilitates the application of liquid or cream eyeliner.
u Mascara / u Secret
beautiful, long lashes is to apply a few brush bristles. This is a small detail, but you achieve amazing results. This brush to emphasize the individual lashes and be able to pronounce each batch of the same number of lashes mascara.
u Roses / u
light, fresh look, we recommend that you use a cream blush. losing to better skin, looks much more natural. Set the rose, the best matches the skin tone.
u eye and lip / u
cosmetics pallets are an excellent choice for any woman who wants to come back. head shades lipstick shades will draw your eyes flash, and lipstick in the same range prominent lips are ideal multi-functional cosmetics -. such as multi-cube makeup -. In Poland, these chemicals are still hard to get, but definitely worth a command. shadows in shades of pink or peach can be applied simultaneously to the eyelids and lips . When will wear it with your fingers or a professional applicator, the effect is truly stunning.
u Primer / u
Every woman knows that the base must be perfectly suited to the skin. However, aside from the standard ways of its implementation, There is a trick used by professional makeup artists. To brighten up your face and give a natural look, rub your hands for a moment, and then apply it on your cheeks, forehead and chin to smooth out the structure of the base and get rid of the effect of the mask.

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