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How to match clothing

How to match clothes forget the principles of the food pyramid biology class if you follow the rules

forget the principles of food pyramids for teaching biology If you follow the rules - variety, moderation and control aspect - so whats in your closet, create a well-balanced wardrobe, thanks to the dressing becomes easy. Focus on basic clothing, do not overdo it with models , and always have something szałowego for special occasions. Follow these tips, the minimum that must be in accordance with your wardrobe.
seafront Basics / u
Build a solid foundation, creating a strategic choice of basic clothing will be linked with almost all other things in your closet is shown from left to right.
u black T-shirt / u. white T-shirt looks good in the gym every day, such as trips but black can be worn with everything from police to skirt cocktail
u cardigan with round neck under the neck / u. Choose thin fabric of cotton or wool, which are beautifully decorated
seafront jeans / u: You May pay a little more for jeans that actually fits and stress. figure that the best stretch-denim with no more than 2% lycra - material will opinał your curves and maintain its shape -
u White Shirt with long sleeves / u:?. szczupło appear in white might not be that difficult a trick Choose and comfortable shirt that will opinał your body -.? but not tight -.
u khaki / u. Forget the pants on the edge - smooth front will bring you more benefits - and give up ruffles After all, casual pants, casual,
u More Basics / u
Visible from left to Right: Black u
Course / u. Invest in cashmere, youll get more heat in the lower center of gravity of materials
u buckle White t-shirt / u: You will benefit most from tailored shirts, wrap it because it is easier and neater look when wear it on his pants
u Black T-shirt / u.: surprisingly sophisticated multi-layered set that works well and dressed in a tunic, and even dress
u Cardigan / u. neutral shades offer maximum flexibility, longer cut, which the risk falls on the side of the most attractive
u white T-shirt / u. white shirts rapidly losing relevance so steer clear the purchase of T-shirtówi have some cheaper, which will be able to replace if necessary
seafront black pants / u .. Use these pants, select cut sewn from year-round fabric, such as tropical wool or viscose
u denim jacket / u: a darker color and more fit, it looks more polished set of
u Black T-shirt / u: Best Rękawka length is about 0 , 5 to 1 cm, because then it shows the right amount of weapons
seafront clothes in the office / u Daily
set .. help you survive a week increase in diversity with neutral tones and classic cuts visible on the left to right: ..
u wool skirt / u: This style is best suited for most characters, pockets add functionality
u black suit / u u
Oxford stripes / u .. Update this classic pattern by choosing an unexpected color
Shown from left to right:
u black dress / u: cut shirt can be worn every day, at any time of year
u silk blouse / u. gray color highlights the elegant fabric
seafront gray pants / u: dark gray pants look more elegant than the light gray pants ..
u fitted jacket / u. Leave plenty of space to be able to breathe freely or put under a sweater or vest
u Shopping search / u. black dresses, gray trousers, tailored jackets
seafront express their dresses / u
No wardrobe is complete without the creations in their style shown from left to right. u
printed dress pattern / u. Strong colors are beautiful, but large specimens to better present more subtle color

seafront sampled jackets / u. Accentuate your shape, a little shorter krojami
seafront Women in strong graphic patterns / u: Call published an interesting shirt, with trousers in one color or dark jeans
u sweater in a graphic pattern / u. You do not feel confident in the designs of fabrics Start with a neutral knit fabric in a geometric pattern?.
u tweed pants / u. in brown or black are classic, but you get the more unusual set of pants if you choose a standard color
u evening wear. / u
Even die-hard domatorzy need some clothes for the evening, but you can also wear their elegant evening dresses during the day if I connect it with more everyday clothes
u Velvet jackets / u. Whether you opt for a more modern style and classic, this piece of clothing a costume additional attraction
seafront ruffle shirt / u .. The most important thing is moderation if you choose to put on a dress with flounces, give up already with additives
Shown from left to right:
u cocktail skirt / u: What makes a skirt is suitable for adoption of the devil in the detail: go for the unusual, difficult style, and various ornaments, such as the Society to keep in mind the following embroidered beads
u shiny top / u .. glitter are not the only way to shine, metallic colors can be just as great
seafront Velvet Pants / u .. In the case of heavier materials such as velvet, the best color is black, because it visually slims your figure
u high output power / u
official event May occur only once a year, but still worth spoiling yourself clothes that will guarantee you a big way at the time
u dress / u. selection rules are simple: Choose a timeless style that emphasizes figure and, most importantly, makes you feel fantastic.

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