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How to nurture the nails

How to nurture your nails smooth, strong communities of every womans dream

Smooth, strong community is the dream of every woman, not necessarily all women dream of a few inches while pazurkach but niełamiące nierozdwajające plates and were to a great gift for any woman Unfortunately, it has each day, alternating hands penalized cold to heat, various detergents, cleaners, etc. While hands usually renew cream, it nakremowaniu usually forget the nails, and it reflects on them, apparently, become dry, dull and brittle.
Sometimes the looking nails can tell a lot about our health and nutrition. If the missing ingredients in the diet such as calcium, protein, iron, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc and iron deficiency is now a toll on our appearance. It then slightly modify our diet or supplements even help to contain these ingredients.
dish washing, hand washing, polishing floors and other household work using detergents can clearly reflects the appearance of our nails. Thus we get the rubber gloves, preferably in color, so not to be confused by a couple in which the offense intended. applied to the hands, not to mention the same tack with a thick layer of cream, gloves, and we assume it is down to work. first are May be quite difficult and uncomfortable, but soon will not need wyrobimy and it becomes natural for us.
be careful of soaps, because most of them drying properties. Lets cure gels for washing or cleansing niewysuszające ankle, so we can prevent such excessive drying and cracking of the skin around the nails.
perform manicure, remember not to over-cut leather, and in general not the best. Skins should soften and put a wooden stick. Also, cutting the nail should not hurt and it should be done always in one direction.
If you frequently paint their nails, do not forget to overlapping the base of the nail polish. save them from destruction, and then zżółknięciem. use nail polish remover containing acetone wash only.
Remember that smoking causes a yellowing of the nail. So we give up the habit just for beauty, not to mention finances .

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