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How to remove nails

How to remove nails fewer women work because artificial nails began to mistakenly associate only with pink and kitsch

Fewer and fewer women are doing artificial nails because they began to mistakenly associate only with pink and kitsch, but it is no secret that women are by nature brittle and splitting nails, not really able to grow a little longer plates. So why not help tipsami? professionally and tastefully done nails, can be a real ornament of women, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the real thing artificial nails, provided they are well done. However, when one assumes advice it must be removed at some point . How to do it so it does not damage the natural nails?
with acrylic nails, nail edge shortened first, then the top layer spiłowujemy advice. It should be very careful not to spray too much and can not stand off the natural nail. then put the nails in a bucket of pure acetone soak them in this way for 20 minutes. artificial nails are soft and just gently pry them a wooden stick, which deviate from the natural panels. Our natural nail polish should be treated, to align its surface.
Another way is to soak or in acetone and attach it to the artificial nail. previously treated as in the above process, nail cutting and sawing. threading a piece of aluminum foil and leave for 20 minutes. So the benefit that we can not sit still in a bowl.
also You can buy online store, because the drug is still difficult to obtain, special thimbles to remove the tips. They have a small cup in the shape of the finger hole. poured into them, pure acetone and placed on the fingertip. This is odmaczają nails and will not be a small problem with the detachment, and our hands are protected from exposure to acetone, which works on dry skin.
gel nails, just short of the guillotine. Here spiłowuje catch all the layers to the natural tile, so be careful, even more than acrylics. First, use the big picture , and closer to the natural nail nail files should be thinner and higher concentrations.
After removal tips, nails should be allowed to recover, do not rub the cream and use of nutritional supplements for nails. Unfortunately, artificial nails, always something to destroy natural tile, so let them not wear all the time without interruption.

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