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How to fight wrinkles

How to fight wrinkles Reedings unsightly wrinkles and skin are a concern for every woman

reedings unsightly wrinkles and skin are a concern for any woman who already have a lady struggling to cope with them in every way, and those who do not yet have them, they live in constant fear that it will soon happen first. . small wrinkles may occur even after 25 years and it should now be anti-wrinkle cosmetics delicate. However, the struggle with them can be taken long before the preventive care of skin and exposure to harmful factors.
First of all, how To protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, especially UVA, which penetrates deep into skin layers, and this effect may be visible only after several years in the form of wrinkles. It is so on a daily sun protection face of cosmetics containing UV filters, they radiation will cease and will not allow him to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. When using these cosmetics do not forget about neck and neck where the skin is much thinner and therefore very vulnerable.
After 30 years must now begin to use cosmetics coenzyme Q10, and Vitamins A, C, E and trace elements. Also, regularly taking vitamins orally is highly recommended. At the age of 40, you should look for more preparations with retinol, and soy. Keep in mind that regardless of age, only regular maintenance can make a difference.
Wrinkles and sagging skin is not just about the face and entire body. why young women should have regular care of your skin, and implement appropriate treatment. Once a week should do the peeling, you can search for beautiful scented cosmetics, It does not really matter, because its main task is to peel off dead skin cells so that the skin better absorb ingredients from lotions and creams.
daily moisturizer should rub thoroughly prepare the body. When our skin begins to fall and there are first signs of aging, we can get to the regenerative balm enriched with vitamins and retinol. balm should be combined with massage. Solid circles preparation. lotion will first be well distributed and will be absorbed through the skin. In addition, it improves blood circulation and beneficial effect on skin nutrition, and thus their appearance.

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