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How to deal with stretch marks

How to deal with stretch marks are scars that appear on the skin as a result of excessive stretching during rapid weight gain, or during rapid weight loss and other situations

Stretch marks are scars that appear on the skin as a result of excessive stretching during rapid weight gain, or during rapid weight loss and other situations in the first phase of the scars are red and very visible, but it is the stage where it is always an opportunity to completely get rid of them in the second phase of stretch marks become lighter and slightly reduced, but the famous old stretch marks, almost impossible to remove, but fortunately not as highly visible as new .. - red.
striae much easier to prevent than to fight them later. Even young women before pregnancy are at their formation. to avoid fluctuations in weight, and especially the wonderful diet to lose weight that quickly, and after their retreat even faster weight gain.
in our daily diet should not be lack of vitamins A, E, PP, B5, or silicon, and zinc. If our diet is not able to provide the body with these components, they should be doing even the nose.
also advance to ensure adequate hydration and regular use of lotions oils for the body. especially vulnerable parties, or thighs, buttocks and abdomen, should be carefully nurtured.
If, however, already dorobimy these unsightly lines and we can not accept and will not do anything on its own but we can go to the beauty salon for special treatment.
chemical peel glycolic acid - regularly repeated treatments cause thickening of the dermis and epidermis and result in scarring shallow
Microdermabrasion -. one of the most popular treatments, stimulates circulation, tones the skin and renewing a very nice finish that is made up of old cells wear .. the epidermis, using a special camera for this procedure is safe and painless
mesotherapy -. involves injecting a special mixture of different substances that have an impact on the faster regeneration of skin This treatment can be combined with glycolic acid peel ..
can still undergo pharmacological treatment, dermabrasion, laser surgery and surgical excision of stretch marks. Before you decide, for example, in such a drastic treatment of stretch marks and cutting work, we must ask ourselves whether it is really worthwhile to spend so? be better to accept your body, even with some less mistakes?

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