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How to care for dry skin and hair

How to care for dry skin and hair, tired with dry skin and hair hard municipal water only exacerbates this condition

tired with dry skin and hair hard municipal water only exacerbates this situation Each shower is like poison for your skin condition, but your hair is dull and brittle ... I just like hay?.? Unfortunately, it is problem for many women and men! about dry skin and hair, just take care and there is no other way! Fortunately it is not as difficult as you might think. you need to do is systematic. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to go to the spa. dry skin and hair can be cheaper than you think. They can be used for household goods, including medicines. We recommend that you read the article, which you hand over some of the ways to appropriate hydration.
First you choose the right shampoo. It should not dry out . In this case, drop off funds for oily hair. Choose more dry and brittle hair, or long and boring. Of course, you can choose the right shampoo by trial and error, because each scalp and hair are different and react differently. Hence, before you find the perfect agent, you can use a pattern that will help you determine your hair after the shampoo is in the best condition.
shampoo itself is not everything.
to dry hair Does the need for supplementation. You can choose to face same level and sprayami imposed after bathing. large part of society, just as with washing. they facilitate combing and assist in their planning.
Another way is olive oil. It can also be a cosmetic olive trees.
You can put it a few hours before bathing. nutrients penetrate the hair. The oil moisturize them.
when swimming you have to remember to wash your hair thoroughly.
After bathing and drying - with too much hair, a chemical that destroys the hair will be shiny and moisturized
skin oil or oil should be used on the skin in this case .. grease in it immediately after a bath - the wet skin -. and wipe with a towel
You can also create special solutions for the oil and milk and add them in the bathtub
helpful Cream May Be. Bubble bath
If you want to take care of dry skin on your feet, you should soak them in a bowl full of such solutions -. You can also add special salt -.
course after each bath, which dries the skin, you should apply a moisturizer cream or cream.

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