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How to put false eyelashes

How to put false eyelashes Artificial eyelashes are not necessarily synonymous obciachu and hyperbole

Artificial eyelashes are not necessarily synonymous
obciachu and over again recently become very fashionable, and in fact must be recognized that well-suited for a slightly bigger event -. But no one has really said that you can not keep them on Saturday night at the bar - look ... dumped behind a range of eyelashes can bring down on his knees many a man
There are only two kinds of false lashes If we care about the natural and only the concentration of our natural framing the eyes, we can choose the single strands, which are pasted between natural lashes. If we want a more dramatic effect, we can choose a number of lashes attached to thin strips which are glued along the entire length of the eyelid. This tool may have a normal shape and color, but can also be too long, crazy colors, or even be a small feather.
If you use the nodes, we can keep them in the outer corners of eyes, so the Feline eye shape, and density around the central part seems a little stressed. first colored lashes as usual. Then grab the patch lashes with tweezers, dip the top of the glue and apply the eyelids, trying to fit in with the rest of the clump. Tufts kept alternately at one time, and when the other eye, so that we get the same effect.
przypasowujemy first bar length of the eyelid and reduce accordingly. adhesive tape on the lashes and apply the eyelids, pressing gently to fit the hard top makeup brushes or tweezers. Only after gluing plastic strips, colored eyelashes and all artificial and natural. If we consider the strip of false lashes are too visible, we can paint over it in crayon or hood.
false eyelashes glued on, we can arrange for a beauty salon. Specialist eyelashes keep us to keep the lid up to three weeks. effect is very durable, but should take into account that you want to wear false eyelashes every day and how it will look like eg . sweatshirt. It should also be noted that such treatment can be highly affected by the natural lashes. We must therefore consider whether it is really worth spending in this case, no small sum of money, or try to cope at home with their own hands.

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