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How to regulate and to paint the eyebrows

How to regulate and to paint the eyebrows beautifully curved arches of regular shape, with evenly spaced hairs, with emphasis on the eyes as the dream of many women

Beautifully curved arches of regular shape, with evenly spaced hairs, with emphasis on the eyes as the dream of many women Unfortunately, many women decided to take care of their eyebrows completely independent and abnormal regulation causes a lot of damage, unfortunately, all too often. Even and if they are properly plucked eyebrows, are not sufficiently thick or uneven, but fortunately you can correct the appropriate makeup.
Remember, your eyebrows do not try to control the power it gives them a specific form. Eyebrows are the ones that fit into our face and we can only change some of their length and level of natural lines. If we try to force change the shape of your eyebrows, you can give your face funny or even demonic expression. However, if industrialization is to change, it is worth visiting beautician, that would be regulated. No big and common mistake is to over-plucking eyebrow hairs and bringing up the appearance of thin kreseczek aged look and say honestly -. was ugly, and whats more -. this process we are forever destroy your eyebrow hairs should not be too przystrzygać or pluck those on the upper brow line.
To determine the appropriate length eyebrows get two sticks. One example lobe of the nose, to run through the inner corner of eye, a place where the rod meets the forehead, it should begin. other staff to run smoothly with the outer corner of the nose to the eye, thereby setting the end of the eyebrow.
If our eyebrows are bushy, and keep every hair in a different direction, we can help them stay in place with a little gel or hairspray.
If we think that our brows are too rare and irregular shape, we can use well-sharpened pencils in my eyes a little thin domalować kreseczek imitating Italian. not draw one long string running through the whole eyebrow, because it looks unnatural. Remember, too, so prefer not to use black crayons, because hardly anyone is so dark eyebrows, better choose the right shade of brown.
If our eyebrows have proper form, and we wish it was just a little darker, the best way to use this shade of brown and a small brush at an angle truncated. If you want a more lasting effect, you May want to go to the toilet on the discoloration of the eyelids and brows with henna.

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