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The makeup suits of summer beauty

The make-up suits of summer beauty of Ms. Summers the beauty of the warm colors

Ms. Summer is the beauty of the warm colors of Her complexion is brightened, like the rest of the summer sun never a problem with fire Her skin is brown almost immediately even if it is .... The bright blue eyes, dark tan suits her perfectly . Often a blonde like a spring, but the hair is a shade warmer, like the rays of the sun at this time of year. often have hair color dark blue or brown with gold highlights. Eyes takes years of shades of green, honey, or various shades of brown. summer, unlike the cold, haughty, magnificent spring seems to be more affordable with beauty, like the girl next door. Thats the beauty of a modern and charming. When it comes to clothes, matching her first summer White, who is a wonderful contrast to her delicate beauty and even its and more shine. In addition, it will look wonderful in all the warm, bright colors like bright green, coral, turquoise, pink, light brown, etc.. should take into account the cool colors of gray, purple and yellow species of warm colors and gold. different can also be black, but should fit. Mrs. summer certainly should not wear clothes and intense red.
To select the proper foundation, you must diagnose the skin. summer has a wide range of options. Most skin suits or light beige without, but not always. It May very well be pink, peach or brown. To select a powder, it is best to go to the drugstore several times without any makeup and there to see which color is best for us.
summer, you can now decide whether you blush or bronzer. It all depends on her skin, hair and eye color. If you have blond green eyes and your complexion is rosy, better choose roses in warm shades. However, if you have brown or blond hair, eyes and honey beige leather you should choose a bronzer. problem occurs if you have brown hair and green eyes. Then you should choose cosmetics under the skin. If it is lighter and pink roses If you choose dark - bronzer
..... its time to choose the appropriate There is little shade best buy make-up range will be good in brown and vegetables fit you. all shades. yellow, gold, navy blue, pink, white Avoid cold-tone silver and gray, but do not overdo it with gold, or bile that look great in the shade near the skin, naked, giving only the glow that illuminates the face
... Just like in the spring, fits your Smokey eye, especially if you have green eyes - but it fits in every color of the iris - and of course the classic line of eyeliner instead of blood-red lipstick, however, choose less intensive, such as. entry.
the coral and the lipstick, this fits you warm tones. brown, peach, coral, nude, and Avoid cold pastel pink If you are doing makeup in the shade, choose a warmer, more natural pink. lip gloss. red, as it says above, do not choose these intense colors, but is still off.

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