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How to fight cellulite

How to fight cellulite Anti cellulite has already entered the permanent canon of spring treatments

battle against cellulite has already entered the canon of the spring constant care he sees in every woman, and men learned of the existence of television commercials around the orange peel has accumulated tons of funny, sometimes absurd belief .., and each manufacturer makes cosmetics that they offered the only effective product in the fight against this disease.
truth is that the creation of cellulite affects the type of diet. Large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of eating white bread and sweets prevent us from getting this deficiency.
not so also is drinking coffee. This leads to the formation of larger amounts of cortisol, which in turn affects the deposition of fat. You should also avoid excessive intake of salt, which is responsible for maintaining the water body.
healthy diet can be combined with additional fat burning Pills, such as L-carnitine and green tea extract. These substances can really help to fight the orange peel, but lets be aware that there are no miracle pills do not.
Regular exercise gives good results, especially when paired with consumption of L-carnitine. Not very quick but intense run, stretching the legs marszobiegi and positively affect the health of our thighs and buttocks. In addition to reducing cellulite, improve our physical condition.
at home, we can use regular massage with special abrasive rubber gloves or rollers with projections. They improve blood flow, and thus will be harder tissue oxygen and free of harmful substances.
course The best results were obtained using all the above methods.
also several myths that so hard on przyrosły orange peel that are no longer considered the facts.
Lets not be naive and not wierzmy advertisements ensures that we can get rid of cellulite without exercise, using only a miracle cream. lotions can cause some skin smooth, they can be used as a supplement to other methods, but Cellulite is certainly not eradicated.
Orange Remove the skin takes time and commitment, but a little less effort will require us to maintain this effect. I do not believe in any miraculous measures to ensure that you get rid of cellulite once and for all , it is impossible! As with weight loss, return to old habits will undo all the efforts.
popular myth, saying that cellulite only affects overweight people. That in itself is false, and many women stick with the scope of the forest, can be boast of real orange peel.

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