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How to prevent split ends of hair

How to prevent split ends hair no effective way to remove hair rozdwajających as its cut, but you can take care of your hair and not let the fact that the problem appeared again

there is an effective method for removing hair rozdwajających as its cut, but you can take care of your hair and not let the fact that the problem appeared again
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Check from time to time whether your hair is divided Their scientific name is Trichoptilosis, longitudinal division of fibers of hair There are several types of products.
splitting TOTAL =. LNE
cleavage occurs several times in the same band of hair
division was created in the middle of the hair that appears when binding the hair on top
a band - not necessarily split ends - that appear most often on the dry and curly hair
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Trim hair regularly, or every six to eight weeks all the hair eventually become corrupt Trim ... from 50 mm to 250 mm, and all factions must vanish, otherwise your hair will stay healthy. Keep in mind that it is enough to reduce you to start running divided. frequency of pruning depends on the type of hair, and on how to treat them.
to cut herself, between visits to the hairdresser, using special scissors for the hair. Trim about 0.5 cm above rozdwojonymi ends when the crops were below that level, the division will be back.
not rely on products that proclaim to heal split ends they can only help damaged hair look healthier, but will not actually Such products can be helpful in preventing damage in the future

seafront ... Preventive measures: / u
There are several ways to prevent damage to hair
u chemistry. / u To some extent, most chemicals will have devastating effect for your hair. Products for waving, hair, or illuminating, and even chlorine in the pool, everything has its share.
try to stay away from chemical chemicals. Natural hair is beautiful. If you really need change hair color, look for the tenderest colors. If you want to use chemicals, try to use multiple devices.
Protect your hair before swimming in the pool, lake or ocean. You do this by imposing a face mask .. włosówi oil, or using a swimming cap Wet Hair before entering the water - this will also give sensitive protection against chemicals immediately after baths do not forget to rinse them thoroughly rinse shampoo włosówi
. Find out if the water you use is harmful to your hair. water in which you wash your hair may be contained mainly chlorine . There are filters that can reduce the amount of these substances. High concentrations of calcium causes the water becomes hard. If you live in an area that stretches from hard water, water softener system can help your hair.
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U brushing and combing. / u
Most people do not realize how fragile are the top hair. Brushing or combing too strong a way, or too often can damage your hair.
stop torture and Comb your hair back. tapir is the most destructive kind of styling. włosówaw splitting contributes to the consequences for breaking them.
have a friendly comb and / or brush włosó in. If your hair is thick, May you need to comb with wide teeth. Thanks rozczeszesz hair, not to be eradicated. combs tend to be softer than brushes.
not go overboard with the brushing. 100 strokes of the brush is completely unnecessary and can lead to loss of large amounts of hair.
comb your hair gently. Start with the base and Head toward the ends. When you find a combination of his hair, do not beat him. Stop the comb to be able to understand the combination of the fingers, and then continue combing. While combing to be very careful. curly hair may require combing, and they are still wet.
Use only friendly hair. Avoid rubber włosówz metal joining - the worst in the world - fighting .. sklejonym connect better hair than those with thinner metal bonded rubber version, the perfect fit for thin hair elastic material with a large podszyciami, the most appropriate with all options. These bands are easy to do and the public.
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u Sun / u
Protect your hair from the suns ultraviolet rays. can damage your hair and skin.
Make a hat. If you have long hair that is thick in addition, do not forget to wear a hat that will cover all of their heads.
Look for supplements that contain sunscreen, or a mix of conditioning and sunscreen and applied to the hair.
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U Washing and drying / u
incorrect washing and the use of harmful shampoo can damage your hair. Rubbing the hair after swimming or excessive use of hair dryers, can also contribute to the damage.
Get a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Try a little and decide what is best for your hair. Try to follow them every day, simply moisturizing conditioner.
Wash your hair thoroughly. Good Wash only the upper parts of the hair. During the wash, shampoo is poured on the hair. This amount is sufficient shampoo endings. Then apply conditioner and rinse before, wait a minute to absorb. Use cold water so that only you can handle, because hot water damages your hair .
Use the device regularly. If you do not act, once or twice a month does not apply to a mask or oil włosó in. Ideally suited for oils of jojoba and coconut.
dry hair gently. Powerful rubbing the hair with a towel is not the best idea . Do not rub your hair with a towel to squeeze them lightly. best option is to leave the włosó to dry naturally.
lower drying temperature. If you are a regular high-temperature drying, your hair will begin to quickly doubled up. splitting can also be caused by having too close to the hair of the head.
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